Freedom in Christ Pt. 2 | Dr. Neil Anderson

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Once again, Dr. Anderson unveils the schemes of the enemy in keeping believers bound to sin, and describes how we can all find our freedom through Christ.  Please listen and join in the discussion by clicking on the READ MORE button.

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3 thoughts on “Freedom in Christ Pt. 2 | Dr. Neil Anderson

  1. Even though these two messages are a bit uncomfortable to listen to, it should be an encouragement to everyone who struggles with some the things that separate us from Christ. But the good news is….He came to set the captives free. Praise God! There is Hope! So many of us let Shame come in and keep us from enjoying the freedom that Christ gives to us. This man is giving us something to change our lives.

  2. Satan uses Shame to tell you, you are not worthy and take away hope. Jesus gives you hope in His Life, Crucifixion and Rising up again. So glad God loves me enough to tell me what I need to know to spare me from pain. A loving Father wants so much for us. I am thankful for that.

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