Know the Bible | David Barton

Please join us by viewing this informative teaching by David Barton of Wall Builders.  Each of us need to Know the Bible for direction and wisdom on how to live our lives and in making decisions.  Interesting fact: Only 9% of Christians read the Bible on a daily basis.

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2 thoughts on “Know the Bible | David Barton

  1. Some great information. It’s so encouraging to hear how the founding fathers with great faith like a mustard seed, obeyed the will of God and we Americans, not of anything we have done, have benefited from it. Now to teach the next generation the truths. I couldn’t help but look up the founding father who began the Bible Society. His name was Elias Boudinot. Boy was I was off on the spelling of that name in my notebook! Pretty amazing that it is still going strong!

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