Taking Care of the Lord’s Temple | Robert Morris

Listen to this teaching on taking care of the Lord’s Temple as Pastor Morris shares how he learned to take care of his body during some medical issues.  Then, join us for discussion by just clicking on the green Read More button.

For more information on Pastor Morris and Gateway Church go to http://gatewaypeople.com

2 thoughts on “Taking Care of the Lord’s Temple | Robert Morris

  1. I have never heard Pastor Morris before but what a testimony. Unfortunately rebellion masks many attitudes and a particularly harmful one is we can do what we want. Well, yes we can but it will likely come at a price. God the Father knows what is best for us because He created us. I pray God keeps us humble and eager to follow His words because His love for us is perfect. This Father knows best. To hear how this pastor’s children prayed earnestly got their father moved me to tears.

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